Holographic Universe & Morphogenetic Field

About a week back I looked up “Holographic Universe” while in the gym and I totally had the biggest discovery of my life.

Over night everything that I know was challenged. And I am seeing everything in a different light.

There are 5 parts to this workshop and only Part 4 has to viewed from a link on the workshop website, the rest can be watched on Youtube and there is also an accompanying E-book online, it can be downloaded here.

Really gotta thank Mr Stephen Davis for his dedication. He did such a good a job delivering the whole thing. AMAZING.

The really lovely thing here is, the “homework” after each workshop involve having to watch a movie. I only watched Thirteen Floor, and I read the plot of the others.

It is pretty cool to watch something from the 90s.

The thing that kept making me go crazy about this whole thing is, I am finding so many supporting points in other science and spiritual books.

Listing a few:

  1. The “Infinite I” mentioned in the workshop might just be that we are ALL ONE mentioned in Conversations with God (CwG).
  2. And all that is, was, and ever will are all already in THE FIELD. Both workshop and CwG talked about it.
  3. These workshops helped me understand the points on Holographic Universe in Power vs Force by (PvF) David R. Hawkins.
  4. Both CwG and PvF talked about serving all as one.

Quite related is the Morphogenetic Field. My mind was again blown.

This is the first time I go so deep into science, finally I reached the “unexplained” end and that points to another dimension of consciousness. It is just so cool.

I had in mind quite an ambitious post to make, for I was just having waves and waves of AHA moments while I was studying all these. I thought I was going to make a thesis-ish post.

I guess another time, gonna read another book now.

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