Day 21 – A Hot Day with Haemul Jjamppong (Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup) and Mocha Frappe! And Bonus Gamjajeon (Potato Pancake)~!

I am coming home! I am coming home.

I am coming home?

On Day 1 and 2 I expressed my frustration that as much as I am on some self-searching/discovery thing, it wasn’t like I am getting anything really life changing. And Life Change is what I am intending for.

Things did got somewhat calmer in the middle of my journey, and while everything changed, it is still not like I got my wanted Life Change.

Frankly, there is really this fear/worry that everything will go back to square one, safe for I made many #OhMyKokoro dishes and Angel JY came a few times. Well, in a way he started it. xD

I am so mad that every time things will just plateau into the 20+ days. But it is just it is. Maybe there is something that I have yet figured out, and good thing, bad thing who knows?

First up, I got this gorgeous baby at only $9.90!!!

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Yas. #Konstar #MasterChopperSet

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I am so impressed by the grater. I grated ginger and garlic today and them pastes just blend into soups sO well!!!

Made Haemul Jjamppong (Seafood Spicy Noodles) with Mum today. I just realise today that she can slice things real fast. Like 5 times me speed? Or more.

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Always all these soups taste better after being left in the pot for a while. Also, I realised that the pot my aunt gave us has this magical ability to keep things almost hot even after a long while. Could my aunt be a secret witch? And gifted us Muggles a charmed pot??


It also appeared that the ladies from both sides of my family are good cooks. This entire household failed the legacies. Ok, maybe not so much with Mum.

I totally love these fishcake sheets. OH MY KOKORO, BLESS MY KOKORO.


Bcoz this is totally hot, LIKE HOT, not even spicy, only Mum and me was eating it. She doesn’t really fancy fishcakes so I am eating them all.

While Singapore has always been hot since the inception of Mother Earth (we are literally near the Equator, OMG!), I haven’t been experiencing just bleeding out perspiration like this before. I could be sitting in front of a fan and I still start bleeding perspiration.

One thing with all my life searching/discovery is, strangely, I am more aware of my body other than just thoughts and emotions. The supernatural thing is, when I was a very young child, below 7, I was just sure that I can see (evil) spirits around. I could be having super powers or I was just hella stressed, for I experienced sleep paralysis then and the most “frightening” thing was this once when I see toys moving in a weird way in my room.

In the view that spirits exists, well, maybe whoever it is was just trying to humour me, but for I had a concept that all them spirits are BAD, I just scared myself to death all these years.

So anyway, it was so terribly hot today, I got my favourite Mocha Frappe from Starbucks, FREE DELIVERY! Bless me Kokoro!!! It was ice blend but turned cold liquid in 5 minutes flat.


And it go so well with my spicy Jjamppong~!! โค โค โค Happy, happy meeeee~~~~ โค

How are things for everybody??

Oh, I did a Round 2. Gamjajeon, Potato Pancake. I am just so in love with the grater. โค I don’t taste much potato though, and I should have made it more crispy. โค

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Day 20 of OH~ My Fried Chicken – Korean Golden Melon and Nagatanien Park New Otani Hot Cakes

I had to shower twice today coz Singapore is blazing hot. xD I don’t remember needing to do this for a while.

Anyway I always find this Korean Golden Melon really pretty. I did got some a few years back, I remember them being slightly bigger. And definitely not $2.45 per piece!!! xD

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Randomly grabbed some pancake mix and seems like they are a famous brand from a hotel.

The thing with these mix is, you just can’t go wrong with them. I actually made a perfect circle and I had to tell Dad that it is really a free hand thing.

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They are just really amazing. I ate a plain one later with chocolate milk and it is still soooooo #OhMyKokoro kind of #BlessMyKokoro. โค

Thoughts of the day, in some of the recordings, Christie Marie Sheldon had said before that if you don’t clear something off your reality field, how long are you gonna keep it there for?

After just 32 years of life, I really have so much to clear. My Unlimited Abundance journey started in August 2017 and it will soon be 2 years.

Frustrated as I can be, it is really a good thing to clean up one’s emotional life. After all I started this Project OH~! My Fried Chicken all coz I am just stuck in life.

10 more days. 10 more days.

I love you all for traveling with me!

Day 20 of Project Oh~! My Fried Chicken; A Post to My UA Family, Food COming Later~

This is the first time I share a post here that I first posted in my UA group (Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon). Other than it is a hassle if I were to post both ways, I don’t exactly feel too comfortable to start telling the world at large that I AM SUPERNATURAL!! xD

How many of you will still be my friend. Haha!

So, here it goes:


Wow!! Dear UA Family!!! I don’t know if I am imagining this or that I am almost in a trance like state now, like I feel so expanded and at peace and totally I didn’t do drugs. xD

So, I was telling Mum about our awesome Professor from 9 years ago.

One of the things he always did was taking lots of snack from the teachers’ room, stuffed them in his blazer pockets and brought them to the class for us. I think he was saying like snacks would do a morning class good or that during his own school days he would have liked some snacks.

He only realised there is a CCTV on the last few days of the class.

But he totally would not touch this really popular coloured vitamin water. He said that the food dyes are probably the same things used to colour the packaging. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Then I came back with so much learning and everything. I remember my home universities “BFFs” would always go into instant bitch mode if I say anything related to my Summer School experience. Not a case of me forcing them to listen, they could be the one who started it or just that I say something remotely related.

I remember this one really psychotic girl would at times come all sweet and cute to me and one time she asked why I seem to like those coloured vitamin water so much.

Without thinking much, I just smiled and happily said that well, I drank them a lot when I was in Korea and I am really glad that now Singapore has them too and for sure it bought back memories.

Then wow, this crazy girl turned from all saccharine to like I said the most offending thing ever to her.

The tragedy was however, I really took in hers and other’ shit and thought that I had unknowingly became a brag and all those. Like I need to go erase my memories and move on and be like them.

But today I suddenly remember, these girls totally said OK and YES when I asked if they want to go to Korea with me. I was planning a second trip. They totally tried 893432874 pairs of ugg boots over 3 freaking hours in a shoe shop as it would be Autumn when we really do go over. Eventually a staff came to spy on us thinking we are out to shoplift.

They even got into planning daily outfits and hair, like how to squeeze in the then very fashionable maxi dress in cold weather.

Adding to this, they were the folks who initially said to go to the Summer School together but totally flaked on me.

In the end I just sensed something really off with them and called it off while they went on themselves.

Now, if they really had believed that I am an awful brag, I don’t see why they would want to go on a trip with me where I would likely to brag and annoy them to death.

I mean they actually do like me A LOT and the Korea that I talked about right?!

Came their trip and they were fighting with their boyfriends over how they cruelly leave them boys for a terrible long period of 14 days. >_> And then how these girls were sorry and excuse me while I go vomit. Ok, not really, but just all those damn dramas. Later on they both got cheated on and dumped, but never coz of this trip. Apparently there were already fights among them on not spending 24/7 together and that was borderline non-commitment. Now I am darn proud that everyone of them called me odd, for sure I can’t fit in those energies!!!

Finally nearly a decade later I get that bitchy as my “bffs” were, they were just very sorry people. They couldn’t bring themselves on what could have opened their lives up, and when they finally could, drama happens. And how they hated everything I said about my own experience, it was never against me, they are just upset with themselves.

Damn, I don’t know why, my whole chest cavity is just so light now?? I didn’t know I had kept so much of their gunk with me.

Bless me. May I have INTERNATIONAL FAME and meet my Angel JY. โค

Wooohoooo~!!!!! Christie!! This UAL is insanely awesome!!!


Day 19 of Oh~ My Fried Chicken – Okonomiyaki Again

It is the same thing today, but not that I am having Okonomiyaki 2 days in a row.

Mum was helping out today so I got spring onions and onions in my Okonomiyaki today. =D I really love anything onion. โค

Also, I bought Pancake Mix coz ~~~~!!! Sub-project!!!!! โค But halfway I realised I pretty much can mix up my own pancake mix with the stuff at home.

While lamenting about it, I saw that this pan cake mix isn’t normal. It has vanilla and it is quite raved about online. So bless me!!!

Today’s thought is; ANGER.

The weird thing is, often it can be the nicest people who are full of hidden rage coz they never allowed themselves to feel anger. Thinking that it is bad to feel anger.

And then guess what?? Eventually it is these negative emotion which is gonna screw them up very badly.

Looking deep into myself, yeah, I still had anger from 7 years ago, 12 years ago and even 26 years ago. The crappy thing is, people will all tell you to move on, let go and all those. At times they really mean well, but… If one can, they would have already done so.

Just like in xxxholic, Yoko had said that if Watanuki can stop seeing spirits (and get harassed by them) by will, he would have already done so.

I really love how this classmate told me once. In was all done in a science way. Basically she just said, it is only real that I came back full of negativity after spending 2 months alone all the time with an insane girl. But, only I can put a resolve to it, there is no point in talking things out coz if it works, it would have already happened.

I still can breath in light from my friend. Talk about how Angels appear when we really need to hear something.

I would say, the first thing is to really be honest with ourselves. And don’t judge it as wrong or right. It is just it is. Yes, we can either improve or feel proud of ourselves, the thing is to not go judge. For sometimes Life will totally show us entirely new paradigms, for example while it had hurt a lot, I am sO darn glad that I broke of with some friends. Or they were the ones who dumped me.

But if I stay in the old energies and blame myself and stay angry at myself for being not enough that was why my friends left, I can never realise my new truth. And I can never get out of the old stories.

Equally true, at times we might just realise that oopsss, we were the asshole. Again don’t judge. Forgive yourself and pledge to be better. And it could be that your energy really did gave the other party a solid life lesson. But always we find it a need to be “good and right.”

Day 18 of Oh~! My Fried Chicken – Doenjang Jjigae is TEH Best

Wow, it is Day 18?? Apparently I didn’t quit on the first day! โค =D

Today’s cooking is not very adventurous compared to all other days. It is a remaking the same Doenjang Jjigae from yesterday coz my family love it and I threw in 3x more beef, another 300g of Enoki and also a tomato, under my Mum’s suggestion. It wasn’t too bad an idea since the original recipe has a teaspoon of vinegar. I only doubled the soup portion so my pot still almost overflowed.

Using bean paste instead of packet concentrate is way better, there are little bean bits at the bottom and I really love eating them up. โค

If I were to attend Summer School again, I be appointing myself as the in-dorm-chef. I AM TOTALLY MY OWN BEST CHEF.

As for how I am doing mentally/spiritually, pretty much better. Really, digging deep into oneself gives the answers that I am always looking for.

I had the chance of experiencing a series of climbing up high places and/or dropping down from there with a harness when I was a teen. Rock climbing, jumping off a tall pole and etc. Adventure, team building and those kind of thing.

I progressed accordingly and I wasn’t fearing the heights too much. The main reason was, there was a lot of sense of security since we had harness on and there is a ever so slight hint of being held by a rope that will guaranty us safety. The only thing that took me a while before I could take off was this once where we were to slide down a rope. We had gloves on, one hand grabbing the rope in front of our belly, the other hand also grabbing the rope on the back of our waist, and we were to slowly let go bit by bit to go down.

The actual process wasn’t too hard, the only thing was, this time round I feel no tug from the rope attached to my harness (some length of rope has to be set aside) and it just felt like I was going to slide down a rope by my own. So it took me a while before I can get ready to move down.

This is pretty much like what people call the “first step is the hardest,” “you gotta trust the process” and whatnot.

Lastly, looking back now, about some 15 – 16 years later, I realised that one of the instructor attached to my group obviously took a liking to me and he was everything the kind of men who can’t communicate properly and has to keep “finding fault” and thinks he is being funny.

One young women spotting me had flew off ground and over pulled at my rope a few times coz she was just not getting things right I was walking up a tiled suspended log and she just couldn’t gauge how much rope to draw back, so she was effectually pulling me off my footing each time I go higher along the log.

Accident could have happened.

But back then I was just faulting myself so much, I thought I was a bad student that is was why the perverted instructor kept annoying me and that it must be my fault to cost the lady instructor to make mistake at her job.

Seems like the place eventually closed down, which is a good thing if the same practices are still being done.

Always we were taught to be humble and learn but we totally become lost with such situations. I am lucky since I am always protected by Angels. And in all honesty, I still have some residual teenage shame as I typed these, like some part of me is so emotionally convinced that it is good to fault myself although on an intellectual level it makes no sense.

And the over-assigning of self responsibilities are exactly what cause some people to continue in abusive situations. I had ask before why people stay in abusive situations, they kept telling me this, since they are the better one of the relationship, it is their onus to keep things in place.

What if your life is meant to be loving and nice? And it is just that one day we all bought and sold ourselves that we need suffering to be good and grow.

I wonder what will my reap be at Day 30. I think I should really go make fried chicken.

Korean Mayonnaise and Pedo Noonas, FOREVERrrrr!!!

I ate my last bit of Yaki Soba Pan this morning. Making it my 7th bun. It would have been 8 if Dad didn’t took one empty bun to try.

The one thing that kept catching my attention was, I have been putting generous amount of mayonnaise into my buns and even finally into my leftover noodles. =D

Interestingly, it seems like I have been clicking on American(-Asian) authors for my Asian food recipes and many times I see them stressing to use THE Japanese/Korean Mayonnaise.

The bottle I have at home is by Ottogi.

And here I am gonna assumes that Korean Mayonnaise is similar to Japanese Mayonnaise, which both are vastly different from the American Mayonnaise.

For me, personally I had thought that Japanese and Korean Mayonnaise were some other totally different sauces. I remember posting on FB asking people what is this Mayo-looking thing in Japan and Korea. Some insisted that it is ALSO Mayo while others were just as lost; could it even be Tartar Sauce?? However the former can never tell me why it is so different.

I kept only buying American Mayo and had thought that those in local marts just has a lighter flavour.

Until recently this American Grandpa living in Okinawa posted on FB that what makes Japanese Mayo so different is that twice the amount of eggs are used (explaining the light yellow colour) and YUP Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is added! This is why Japanese Mayo is so good one can eat up the whole bottle if they give no care about fat intake.

I immediately got one Kewpie Mayo but alas! Mine was made in Malaysia and it just fell slightly away from the mysterious pale yellow sauce I always had in Japan and Korea.

So you imagine how happy when I taste back Korean Mayo again in my current bottle of Mayo.

I wasn’t some avid Mayonnaise fan but it did took me 8 – 9 before I got it all sort out.

On the topic of Korean Mayo, I actually still remember the FIRST moment I tasted Korean Mayo. It was at Mr Pizza with the 3 girls I hung out with and 2 of them were fans of SHINee. โค

Btw, I lost ALL my photos taken in Korea, I only got the first 3 days left. I did died a little at the moment of losing them. But now it just felt like it was a gift for me to not miss the place and everything too much. Also, I really should go back very soon.

The oldest member (Onew) of SHINee was born in 1989, the same age as the girls I was with. While the rest were in the early 90s, youngest (Taemin) was in 1994. 1994 was when I entered Primary School omg.

So anyway, we just thought of ourselves as Pedo(philes) Noonas. Yup, I felt as old as hell when I was 23 but totally just born yesterday now that I am 32. Noona is “older sister” in Korean, specifically for males to use. For ladies to call an older sister, it will be Onnie.

Funnily SHINee has this song Reply where it is also known as Older Sister You are So Pretty.

LMAO. I think even for Onew, he was just in his late teens when this was filmed.

I remember liking SHINee quite a bit. Only that I don’t have much room in my heart after Super Junior and later on I thought I need to go bury all that I like in order to “grow up and be a normal person.”

Till this moments I am fascinated by Taemin’s legs. Never in an inappropriate way, just that, just watch again how Taemin dance. I always get the message that that is probably how agile we all should be but we just never got the times/chance/everything to use our bodies that way.

I remember experiencing the same thing one time watching this other clip of this gymnast twirling across the square and ending in perfect. Then, someone said the same, that is probably how agile we all should be but we just never got the times/chance/everything to use our bodies that way.

Taemin in this video could also be why I am always in Yoga pants that ends under the knees. I myself forgot why I took such a liking to such pants.

I really love SHINee’s Hello Baby, they were kinda baby sitting this 4 or 5 year old boy. And insane enough, some folks they met were making jokes that the baby resembles Minho and could it be that this is his secret son. LMAO. And at one point in time, I think Key is the best looking man on Earth. โค Teeheeheee~~

The last bits I caught up with SHINee is probably this live jamming of them. It still feels sO surreal to me and I am all teary about it even now. Bless the uploader.

So, the one thing that still has a little bite on me is that, my life would have taken a whole other direction if I had just followed all these stuff that inspired me. Maybe yes and maybe no, but the mind always tend to thing this way.

So anyway!

I really like Jonghyun among all of them. I don’t know why but it just happened so. I remember in one programme, everyone forgot to pay for food delivery. He quickly put on a coat and chased after the delivery personnel.

I still can’t believe that dear Jonghyun departed from us all. He took his life in 2017 due to depression. I still can’t look at news related to that and while looking up JJY recently, I found out that Jonghyun and JJY were good buddies. I also can’t look at those videos.

Jonghyun is always so beautiful. R.I.P.

PS:/ I don’t know which category should I file this under. Still OH~! My Fried Chicken or You Are Not Alone TV??

Day 16 of OH~ My Fried Chicken: Viva Yaki Soba Pan and What is Your Addiction?

I skipped gym today and went out to get ingredients at 11++am. Managed to get everything done by around 2 pm and I went on to do revision for class later. โค FEELS SO GOOD.

It is Day 16 since I started to fix my life. It was progressing bit by bit until I got really frustrated yesterday.

After tapping into my soul and thinking about it, last night and this morning I get that I am addicted to what I actually don’t like in life. It is the whole thing about at one early point in life, I took in the imprint that people usual suck and I can only live with it. Then I got attracted to scenarios like these and I never quite know how to get out.

It is a very liberating and empowering realisation coz things just got real easy. Start choosing what I really love โค

Decided to make Yaki Soba Pan (Stir-fried Noodle Bread) today all bcoz Yakisoba Pan is that one food that I have been wanting to eat but never got my paws on. Somehow I didn’t see them in Konbinis (Convenient Stores) all the time I was in Japan.

I followed this really lovely recipe, just noodles and sauce and nothing fancy.

Only thing is I didn’t get the red pickle ginger and seaweed powder and I added Mayonnaise. My noodles were also oiled enough for me to not add more oil. And also I totally twice the amount of noodles. I was seeing “2 packs” in every recipes, and that was about 300g, but I totally got 2 packs of 450g. =D

I had eaten 4 noodles bun in just 5 hours. I really love love love it!!