Cold Days & Yoga

3 more days and it marks living in my new home for a month.

I am liking it so much that I felt like I am on a holiday.

I was living in what they call a matured estate and in my memory, after I turned mid-primary-ish, my brother and me was like the only kids around.

And now, it is young couples everywhere with babies and toddlers. Even teens are a rare sight. My parents are probably also the only very senior folks around.

But it is not like we are very alienated, coz just a little away from us is another original matured estate.


I took the evening shot last night and compared to about 2 months back, a tall white fence had been put up. I am guessing that more residentials are being built, but there are also people saying that that is a new mall/train station coming up.

Now, into the cold, cold season and Yoga.


A few weeks back I decided to stop procrastinating and took out some of my exercise stuff. It is true that once something is in sight, one is more likely to work on them. So only keep what #sparkjoy around.

One night I just asked how can I start Yoga and next thing I know, one friend suggested a perfect Youtube Channel and another also living in Singapore told me about this Yoga group doing free lessons all bcoz the people behind it and really passionate about letting as many people as possible get the wonders of Yoga. โค

I had a lot of resistance on Yoga in the past. I always thought that I cannot follow something so slow. And I thought I needed something high impact to be really working my body.

Now, Yoga is like the BEST exercise that I ever started!!!

And after every session I just watch everything Okinawa on TV. Makes my Kokoro so happy.

Random food pic. I was around a new Yoshinoya house and this totally got me back to Nihon. โค Surely someday! โค


It hadn’t been raining for nearly a month and when it did, temperature dropped A LOT. At one point I was having 33 degrees in my room.


And so one night I pulled out my old Parka for my night walk. Btw this Parka was actually designed for DAY use. It has UV protection.

It was also so cold, I had hot tea when I came home. It was all only 27 degrees though.


Because why yes… I think I just generally freeze outdoors at night, even when it is 30, 31 degrees. And I got a new mesh hoodie. I always wanted a mesh hoodie. Another best thing is really that I got pockets now. โค


After while I notice that the sleeves are really long. Are these slots for the thumbs? Or just for more airing? This again is designed for day use, has UV protection too.

Now the coolest thing. My persistence on working out and keeping my diet reasonable is helping me lose all the weight. Look how loose my pants became!


They were quite fitting at first!! I am just so happy!

And I found out recently that Decathlon has their own Yoga group. This beautiful shape is from their logo. The above is one of their Yoga pants. BEST PANTS IN THE UNIVERSE.


For more knee cushioning. Check this out Chu!! โค


And I got a Yoga Block! (Skipping rope for days at the garden outdoor gym.) Wooo, me so serious into this. I thought a solid one for support will be good until, I am pretty good with no block support and instead I use the block for legs lifting. And this solid block can get heavy.


But it is quite fascinating, I only see cork material in bottles and this is the first time I see and feel such a HUGE block of it.

I have been eating fruits for supper. So healthy. โค

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Guess where is my dinner?

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The cute thing about this is, I learn that there are just so many little new things to learn and explore and get curious about every time I get into something new.

Yoga hair??

I did this but after a while it get uncomfortable to lie on them.

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New gym hair and so many moles.

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I thought the side pony tail will do the job but it gets in the way sometimes. this is also my skinny top. Each time I wear it, people all commented that I look thinner.

Finally today I tied a higher side bun. Works better.

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Going To The Market

One of the things I look forward is going to the market with Mum on Saturdays.

We take 2 short bus rides there and a single ride home. Me do the carrying of the trolley.

Garden Behind My Flat and ArtPeaceArtPeas!! <3


Common area in my new area. They are really pretty isn’t it?

Now, the garden/exercise area.


Managed to do 10 sit ups last night. A young couple with babies and prams walked by. They saw their new weird neighbour. โค


Saw this pretty thing on my morning walk.


I always have zip lock bags with me during my trips. I think this was left over from 2017??? Somehow it sparks sO much joy, I am just letting it lie around in my room.


Since April I have journaling out my thoughts. And a few nights back, I wonder how things will turn if I focus instead on my abundance instead of wanting more. And I shred up my old stories.


I Released 1kg This Week and New Jogging Routes, And Comedians

I lost a kilogram this week.

Although it is only ONE kilogram, this is the kind of result that I haven’t got for the past year. On 10th August 2018, I started at 75kg. It took me a month-ish to lose just a kg, but the lightest I ever went was 68kg. And then a week or so before 10th August 2019, I was again at 74kg.

Today I am at 71kg, a kilogram lesser from last week.

I am sure this new toe braces are helping. And I am also jogging at least 3, 4 times a week on top of daily gym.


Basically the theory is that many people walk with their toes not touching the ground and hence they don’t do the full heel, ball of feet and finally toe push off kind of walk. And this went on to affect the position of the hip and back. And while it is OK somewhat, the hip and thighs get thick.

I was totally amazed by the result shown and so I got it.

It is really comfortable to wear too. I had thought it will be terribly annoying.

And I already got 2 more pairs coming. :3

Now, my 3.6km jogging route.

It is actually just beside the road and new to blocks and blocks of high rise residential, but I so appreciate this little bit of grassy hill.


Another 5km route is to Little Guilin.

I spot Mimosa seed pods for the first time!!


Little Guilin.

It used to be a quarry but digging stopped when they have to dig under sea level. The place was initially planned to be filled up but after rain water formed this pond, folks thought this is really pretty and they keep it as a park.

It is so cool to think that the whole thing was unintentionally man-made.


Reminds me of Okinawa somehow, same same but different.


Another view.


Me at Little Guilin at 4 years. I think I looked really matured as a pre-schooler. And then now I am just kiddish. Everything about me grew and only recent years I am growing my Kokoro.


I just notice that my new pan is sparkly purple. I can’t wait to make pancakes again.


And!!!! Phil Wang is my new love!!!


I needed something to hold my fringe up and guess what? This hairband doesn’t work!

But look at plan B. Woohooo!!!


Scholl compression stocking is really THE bomb. The only pair left is this meshy ones and they are so good. My legs were achy to a point of painful, after an hour plus, I was jogging 3.6km.


Good night people.

Last Supper At My Old House

Last Friday night and early Saturday was the transit.

Totally underestimated the amount of stuff to be packed and before I knew it, Bro and me were throwing and packing Dad’s stuff from 11++pm to 1++am. I know, like how can there be so many things in a flat right. But it happened.

Later on it was all Bro telling me what and how to pack up the remaining things. I was just so exhausted. ๅŽ‰ๅฎณ Kor Kor for once.

Anyway, right before these I found half a pack of Katsuo Flakes in the fridge. I thought I could finish it but nope. And there I was, having all the luxury of eating it to as much as I want. However, they don’t taste as awesome on their own. In the end I made a sandwich of a roughly crushed hard boiled egg, A LOT of Katso Flakes and Okonomiyake sauce and Mayo.

It tasted great. And good that I ate something before the long packing.

Only managed to sleep at 2++am, woke at 6-7am to clear out the fridge one last time and I was the first to go to my new house. BRO STAYED BEHIND TO SLEEP AFTER MOVING ALL THE STUFF TO THE VAN. How evil.

I slept a bit after this and woke up with a cold. Which magically healed itself after more sleep.

Was able to go to the gym and I got new piping for the washing machine.

Thought about how to fix the whole thing for the whole night and I was hit with giddiness since 5++am on Sunday’s morning. I couldn’t sleep it off and had to replace my class.

Thing is, I was so proud that I managed to fix up the washing machine. I was just effing proud. The last time I felt this was probably when I learned how to walk.

I also got our new smart TV going. Coz Bro went off to his girlfriend’s. Parents are now convinced that the are a genius child.

My Okinawa Map poster was here since last week, but I only put it up on Saturday.

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#BlessMyKokoro!!! I wish I am kidding but I am sO super filled with joy!!! I can cry now! Had been wanting to get my paws on @okisocial's Okinawa Map Poster for a while but debated which colour should I get. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” And then! #BlessMySoul!! I saw that the artist, Desmond Liang, has a 2019 Summer Special Edition with @chulahenna and I JUST GOTTA HAVE THIS! Like the flora prints at the corners are hand drawn OMG!!! And those places aren't just in random colours, everything is on a Hibiscus Flower bed!!! ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ Now, Okinawa City (ๆฒ–็ธ„ๅธ‚) is where Orange Range is from. ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŠ Go there to stalk them. And NEENEE. Tell Tetsushi and Naoto that I love them. A bit more towards Naoto. I also need to hao lian (Hokkian Dialect for "show off") that I actually been to all their MV sites as of March 2017 except for the one on Henza Island. And I did the crazy and walked in and out of Hamahiga Island in one day and dropped a nail on my second toe after a month. I WOULD TOTALLY DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. Surely someday again I will!!! Baby wait for me!! I am serious when I tell people that I go to the gym all bcoz I need to better myself to walk that stretch again. ไฝ ไปฌไปฅไธบๆˆ‘ๅœจๅผ€็Žฉ็ฌ‘ๅ—๏ผŸ๏ผ Oh, I probably saw my the first sunRISE in my 30 years of life from Sesoko Island in March 2017. I also screamed interally everytime I crossed Sesoko Bridge and see the GREEN SEA. Wow, I always dreamt of seeing them and I was just sO delighted! I remember colouring all my seas in green during my primary school days and one time an art teacher told me sadly that "there are no green sea." I mean I saw the real thing finally!! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š I was so lucky that I managed to cover the major places in Okinawa main island back then. I didn't planned it that way but somehow I did. My, my I am soon typing a composition. I am just so happy, going to hug this around till I can finally bear to hang this up. Really, I first went to Okinawa all becoz it was warm to go there. And since April 2014, I think about Okinawa everyday. I thought I shall go have my fill once and for all in 2017 and I only fell deeper in love. My only rational explaination is, I TOTALLY GOT A PAST LIFE THERE. โคโคโค #Okinawa

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First outdoor jog around my neighbourhood! I am just so happy about it. I read that Tom Hiddleston jogs often. I am one nano-step closer to be like him.

#IamEnough #MarkYourMirror

In a World Where Loki is Fuglier than, say, Voldemort

Last night I could no longer keep this to myself.

I told my brother this, “I think the WHOLE reason why people like Loki is because he is super good looking, like he is played by Tom Hiddleston.”

Imagine Loki being deformed or something. I wonder if people will still like him. Frankly, even if we were to go with the idea that well, some people had it hard, they couldn’t figure out things and in the end made bad choices, so, deep down they are just misunderstood, why is it that NO ONE is rushing forward to sympathise with Voldemort?

I mean, he is so traumatised and hurt and everything too.

I remember disliking Loki the moment he first appeared on screen.

One of them is utterly evil and it was SO easy to tell.

And when Loki told earthlings to “KNEEL!!!” my first thought was really, someone beat this orbiang “god” up please. Like which GOD needs to ask humans to kneel before him?

So glad that Captain America came whacking him. โค

Ohhhh and not forgetting Hulk smashed him around. โค โค โค โค โค


I remember my male colleague telling me to watch this like a super fanboy.

And all the time I was like, hey, hey, hey… how can people see Loki when there is Thor. Like seriously what is the appeal in a weak and emotionally unstable person? Who is also totally nasty.

The first time I felt anything positive towards Loki was when Thor did this.

Somehow that was the start of whenever Thor did something minorly bad, I get why Loki got slightly twisted with it.

And before I knew it…

I lost my life meaning and also died when Loki died in Infinity War. I mean this metaphorically though.

But despite so, I still can’t find anything Loki did justifiable.


Came the trigger point.

After hearing Tom said again and again and AGAIN that Loki is just misunderstood and someone who made a lot of bad choices, I just thought, how about Loki is just an asshole.

Like ok, I get that it sucks to “lose” to a fat brother, but Loki was planning to kill and all those. He isn’t too far off from Voldemort or any other villain we hate by heart.

My conclusion is, Loki is so loved all because he is so beautiful. And Tom thinks the way he thinks coz he has a heart so big the Universe is pale in comparison.

Just look at this face! But the other Loki still looks evil.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (9640561va) Tom Hiddleston ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 23 Apr 2018

Life in July: I am N1 Readyyyy!!!! And Psychic Readings

So! I finished my N1 Preparatory Class and soon I will move into Further Advance. Which mean it will all marks an official end to my Japanese learning very soon.

And weird enough, I feel like all my love for Japan just dropped.






I am not even kidding.

However, it is not in the sad way that I had thought it to be. It was a case of all my old love mixed with my personal junk was just gone. And I am in this total new vibe.

Things like I used to want to stay by myself in a lovely house in the suburbs, now I am like, well, ok that if I do that, but more importantly, it is OK that I chose again a new reality. O_o Just what happened to Kawaii Xingible Desu Ka??? โค


Class was held in the library section of the school last night. Wahahaa!! Talk about distraction, Renji, Ikkaku, Sanji, Zoro and every dOkI DoKi was just there. *blush*

Next, a few of my awesome course mates at the UAL had their Intuition course done and as a practice, they did psychic readings for me. Wow, guess what, pretty much I have it all, I just need to move into it.

Easiest thing but also the hardest coz I would have done so if I knew.

SO many cool things happening around.